About me

Hi! My name is Yulia Valmont and I’m a professional retoucher.
I’m also a perfectionist and a beauty addict.
Many years ago I was using Photoshop a lot of time, not even suspecting that there was profession of a retoucher.
In 2018, I worked as a photo model, and after that I’ve decided that all I want in this life is to make gorgeous photos even more gorgeous, so I became a retoucher.
I’m obsessed with high end beauty retouching, it gives so much pleasure. And fashion retouching gives free rein to imagination and creativity in choice of color. Currently I’m also into still life retouching, it fascinates me so much!
I think I’ll be learning for my whole life, because there is so much to discover in the world of photo editing.
I truly believe that good retouching is impossible without love and passion, and also without a good taste so I constantly develop it as well as my skills.
My main principles:

– Professional approach

– Responsibility
– Constantly learning

– Deadlines are sacred!

Let’s create beauty together!

Warmest regards,
Yulia Valmont 

Feel free to contact me: